Maybe I read a little too much Bill James growing up but I'm convinced that sporting events can be predicted accurately using advanced data and mathematical models.  I spent the last 15 years studying advanced statistics in Baseball, Basketball and Football while also observing the behavior of sports betting markets.  Using custom-built databases that automatically pull the latest advanced statistics from the Internet, I developed models that are more accurate at predicting sporting events than Vegas betting lines.


In an effort to simplify the handicapping process for myself, I sought to improve upon the conventional way of displaying and comparing sports statistics.  Before, collecting and organizing all the data that I want to look at when handicapping a game meant navigating to half-a-dozen different websites. It took hours just to handicap a few games and even then I wasn't left feeling any more organized than when I started.  I knew there was a solution to this problem - a way that I could handicap every game every day.  That solution is the Breakdown Sheet.


These sheets not only produce the output of my mathematical models, but they also consolidate, organize and display over 100 individual data sets and rankings on a single 8.5" x 11" page.  I custom coded 'Game Breakdown Sheets' for the MLB, NFL and NBA.  After publishing these sheets for a few months on a popular sports handicapping forum, it became clear that they were helping far more people than just myself.


I created to further my effort of sharing daily breakdown sheets with the sports handicapping community.  At this site, you'll find my sports handicapping process to be an open book.  Most 'tout' services that sell their sports picks conceal their work as if it were coming from some sort of secret mad-scientist laboratory.  Here, not only will you find the daily breakdown sheets, but also well-informed sports picks, weekly power rankings, research findings, opinion articles and much much more.